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so law school, it hurts

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This is livejournal community for the largest law school in Canada.

This is a new community with a rookie moderator, so the rules are still in development. Posting is open to everyone.

Posts will only be deleted if such an act can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society. (But really, what the hell does that mean?)

It would be best to keep things on topic and specific to Osgoode; however, at the moment, posts on broad legal topics will not be deleted. Discussion on such issues is encouraged.

Questions about the LSAT and Law School admissions are allowed, but there are many other sites which are a good help with these topics so check them out first.

The goal of this community is to allow for its members to contribute to its development.

Stolen from the Osgoode Website:

We take pride in our internationally renowned faculty, outstanding students, dedicated staff and dynamic alumni. Our innovative teaching program fosters a strong foundation in legal reasoning, diverse perspectives on law, and an understanding of law’s transformative role in promoting a just society. Osgoode produces original and significant legal scholarship, and prepares its graduates for leadership and service within the profession and beyond.

<i>Per jus ad justitiam</i>: Through law to justice.

Some Useful Links:

Official Osgoode Page: www.osgoode.yorku.ca

Osgoode's Student Government Page: www.legalandlit.com (go here for summeries and games)

Obiter Dicta: http://osgoode.yorku.ca/QuickPlace/obiter/Main.nsf/h_Toc/a5517a86562d29b485256efc00545043/!OpenDocument

Canadian Law School Discussion: http://www.lawstudents.ca/forums/

(Osgoode Forum)

Professor Ratings: http://www.ratemyprofessors.com/SelectTeacher.jsp?sid=1495&orderby=TLName&letter=E
(rate my proffessor for YorkU, Osgoode included)

Law Society of Upper Canada: http://www.lsuc.on.ca/

LexisNexis-Quicklaw: http://ql.quicklaw.com/ (Online Legal Database)

eCarswell: http://ecarswell.westlaw.com (another online legal database)